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Web@UK - February 28, Wednesday, 1:30-4PM, 106 McVey Hall
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Web Publishers Meetings
Combined Meeting (both groups)
SOUTH CAMPUS - March 19, Monday, 2PM, location TBA
NORTH CAMPUS - March 20, Tuesday, 2PM, location TBA






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Web Policy Review

Standards (IV.A.1.D., IV.A.A.E.)

  • All official Web materials must include the following standard elements:
    1. The University of Kentucky Master Navigation Bar at the top of all Home Pages as well as any pages that are promoted to the public in advertisements or other communications and therefore serve as entry points to the University. Units may require the navigation bar on any official Web materials they deem necessary.  Individuals are free to place the navigation bar on any official Web materials.
    2. The words "An Equal Opportunity University" linked to the University's official equal opportunity statement on a Web site's Home Page and, if any, contacts page.
    3. Links to "higher level" Web materials to facilitate navigation. At a minimum every page must include a link to the University of Kentucky Home Page or the appropriate primary unit to which the unit operating this site reports.  This does not preclude individual units from establishing more stringent requirements.
    4. Identification of the materials on each page as being from the University of Kentucky. Use of the University of Kentucky Master Navigation Bar on a page fulfills this requirement.
    5. The name of the individual or department responsible for the materials either on each page or accessible by hyperlink from each page.
    6. The e-mail address of the responsible individual or a departmental e-mail address either on each page or accessible by hyperlink from each page.
    7. The date on each page when the materials were last updated.
  • All official Web materials are prohibited from the following:
    1. Disabling the "Back" button of the browser without proper forewarning to the user and only when it is necessary to preserve data in an application.
    2. Opening any other site within the frameset of the Web site.

Please see the Web Policy for further details