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TBA, 1:30-4PM, 106 McVey Hall
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Web Publishers Meetings
July 16, Monday, 2PM, location TBA
July 17, Tuesday, 2PM, location TBA









10 Steps to a Better Web Site -
IBM to buy Web application security vendor Watchfire -
Safari for Windows -

Presentation of Expression Web

Thanks to Jason Fisher for demonstrating Microsoft's newest Web editor to the South Campus. However, due to the e-mail issues that plagued the campus for two days he was unable to attend the North Campus meeting. We hope he is able to present to the North Campus meeting in July and to have his comments here.

Web Policy Review


Internal Web materials are official Web materials that are developed to target an internal audience and which are restricted by password or network/server security from being accessed by anyone outside of the campus community. Internal Web materials are exempted from University Public Relations review, from use of a design format, from use of standard elements other than the equal opportunity statement, and, when the target audience is known and fully accommodated, from requirements and guidelines related to accessibility that do not apply to that internal audience. Units are still free to abide by or to require their sites to abide by any of these items as they deem appropriate.


Web materials of the University of Kentucky, which for technical or professional reasons are not hosted by the University of Kentucky, must still comply fully with the specifications of this policy, including the proper use of domain names.

Web sites which are not official Web materials or not under the authority of the University of Kentucky may under no circumstances use any logos that would identify them directly with the University of Kentucky, unless specific permission is granted by University Public Relations or the Athletics Department.

Please see the Web Policy for further details (these may not be part of the revised policies).

Notes from Campus

Restricting Access to Web Pages on the UKY.EDU Server

It's important to plan first whether you're going to use one password to get on the site, or whether each user will have a unique login and password. The latter will require you keeping a log of all the login names and passwords (and making changes to them periodically), the logistics of which may change your mind about protecting in the first place.

Understand that access restrictions do not provide foolproof security.

The instructions are based on the use of the Apache server, which currently allows you to restrict by client address (allow from IP or server), by password and by U-Connect authentication (you'll find the instructions themselves are restricted). With the demise of U-Connect a move to restricting by Active Directory may come soon.

For complete details about Restricting Access to your pages or site go to that section of the Providers page.

(Note: it is our desire to be able to cover restricting access on the server at a later date.)