Important Dates

Web@UK - June 13 (Wednesday), 1:30-4PM, 106 McVey Hall
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Web Publishers Meetings
SOUTH CAMPUS - June 18, Monday, 2PM, location TBA
NORTH CAMPUS - June 19, Tuesday, 2PM, location TBA



IE7 uptake stalls -
Microsoft's SharePoint Designer Demo -
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Web Policy Review

Hosted Web Materials

The University of Kentucky benefits from and is proud to support the broader professional and academic efforts of its faculty and staff, which more than offsets the marginal costs of providing Web site support for the programs and organizations of those activities.

The University of Kentucky will provide Web site hosting for any professionally or institutionally relevant site for faculty, staff or students, resources permitting. In cases where resources are an issue, the WAC may be consulted to determine if the situation is of a nature that resources should be identified for the service.

All hosted Web materials must comply with relevant laws, regulations, and University policies and procedures at all times.

If the WAC determines a site does not conform to any of these requirements, it reserves the right to require the site owner to make corrections or adjustments.

Please see the Web Policy for further details (these may not be part of the revised policies).

Notes from Campus

Future Topics

Do you feel comfortable talking about and demonstrating Web applications and new technology? Then step forward and let me know. I'll schedule you for a future Web Pubs meeting.

Expression Web will be the topic during the June meetings. We're also seeking someone to speak on setting up password protection on the MC servers.

A future topic everyone has shown interest in is justification and demonstration us UK's use of SharePoint 2007.