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While the official "New" Graphic Standards are still under review I took a UK home page image and ran it against Photoshop CS3's color matcher. Here is the UK See Blue color with corresponding Pantone, H-S-L, RGB, CMYK and hexadecimal designations.

You will receive a notice via the WEBPUBSANNOUNCE-L listserv when the "Standards" are posted.


April 17, Dave Elbon added a new appliance to the UK's Google Search Engine that enhances new searches in addition to adding new features to the right menu. Put anything in the search window and you will receive a quicker response, more listings (if appropriate), the ability to sort by relevance (the default) or date, and the ability to narrow your search to more specific areas of relevance. The interface now sports the latest UK logo treatment and slogan.

Also, UK's news database is now included, which means you no longer have to use just the search box on the main news page.

Notes from Campus

UK Web Statistics

Several have wondered the availability of raw monthly statistics for UK Web sites.

CAMPUS - Numbers for the uky.edu server prior to May 2007 are still found here. But the server that created those statistics was decommissioned and a new system has not been implemented. A suggestion is to register for Google Analytics, which requires a script be placed on all pages from which you desire statistics.

MEDICAL CENTER - The mc.uky.edu server uses Awstats with info available here. Add an underscore (no spaces) and your college or department Web name to the end of the URL (examples: _medicine, _eye, _nursing) to view its numbers.

As in most cases where raw figures are presented you will need to sift through many to glean the ones most relevant to your situation.

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