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August 6, 1:30-4PM, 106 McVey Hall
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Web Publishers Meetings
Aug. 18, 2008, Monday, 2PM, location TBA
Aug. 19, 2008, Tuesday, 2PM, location TBA



University of Illinois’ Functional Accessibility Evaluator -

UK’s Server Contacts -

Cool effect on local site - (do the wave)

An Event Apart San Francisco – Aug. 18-19 -
The Web Design and Developer Conference (Adobe) – Oct. 13-15 in Orlando -
Web Builder 2.0 – Oct. 13-15 in Las Vegas -
The Future of Web Design (site is now up) – Nov. 3-4 in New York -


Several recent Site Reviews have involved units that contracted outside vendors to design and code their site. While okay in theory it becomes a nightmare when the vendor has not been apprized of UK's Web Policy and Standards and Guidelines.

Most fail to make a site accessible according to the federal Section 508 Guidelines and state law. This oversight delays a live date while corrections are made to images missing alt tags, tables missing row and column headers, forms missing proper label tags, among other items.

But the most common oversight pertains to the UK Web Policy section on properly identifying the contact person for the site. In part it states:

d. All official Web materials (pages) are required to include:

  1. The date of the last page update.
  2. Contact information for the individual(s) or group(s) responsible for the content and production of the pages.  Note in cases where the content is managed by one entity and the actual page produced by another, separate contact info should be presented and delineated as such.

These oversights do not occur when the vendor is one officially authorized by UK or one that follows policies and standards set out for all UK web publishers.


Graduate Center for Gerontology -

Notes from Campus

WWW System Upgrade Preview

Thanks to Josh Maddox to taking the time to explain an upcoming change in the way we log in to our Web accounts. Your current password is different from those used to log into myUK, your computer, and other functions.

Although preliminary steps must take place first, sometime in the next few months AD account passwords will become the norm for Web site logins.

An announcement will be broadcast via the WEBPUBSANNOUNCE-L listserv when everything is in place.