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July 2, 1:30-4PM, 106 McVey Hall
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July 21, 2008, Monday, 2PM, location TBA
July 22, 2008, Tuesday, 2PM, location TBA



Mozilla set Firefox 3.0 ship date -

Opera updates browser to Version 9.5, touts syncing, faster speed -

Broadband Report Speed Tests - (Tools/Speed Tests)

See Blue Downloads (ringtones & screensavers) -


They are now up at You'll need to click on the "Web Graphics (PDF)" link to view the standards pertaining to the Web. Basically, there are more options than before, although institutional signatures are somewhat restricted to a version of the "stacked" logo. Details about fonts, colors and a Web color guide are also included. And, as in the past, UK HealthCare units have different standards.

A long awaited feature of the new site is that you can now download the UK and See Blue logos. Templates for stationary, e-mail and PowerPoint presentations are included. This area of the site requires a login using your unique UKID login and password without placing "AD" or "MC" before your login name.

A new Style Guide (along with Appendix A, B and C) is also available with updated grammatical elements for UK writers and Web content managers. Simply click on a word or phrase and a "blind" opens to reveal explanations along with correct spellings and usages. Click again on the word or phrase and the "blind" closes.


Kentucky Elder Readiness Initiative -

Notes from Campus

Web Shutdown Run

On June 13, 2008 the following appeared on the WEBPUBS-L listserv:

During this week, a little over a thousand old WWW accounts were removed from the system. This means that some web sites that were hosted within the personal web space of these accounts (aka
web sites) have been archived and removed. You may want to double- check your sites for any broken links.

In addition, roughly 40,000 files and directories within our main hosting directory (aka files within /www/htdocs) were "abandoned" by deleted users. These files have been reassigned ownership to the system user, and will be evaluated in the coming weeks. The Webmaster team will be sending out email notices to campus and departments that have abandoned web sites, files or folders on WWW.

If the shutdown run accidentally removed your WWW userid, don't panic!
Your files within your WWW user directory structure have been archived, and can be restored. (No files within the /www/htdocs directory were deleted.) Please contact us ( immediately, and we will work with you and the IT CSC to get your account back.

The long forthcoming WWW system upgrade will be coming sooner than later. Documentation on the upgrade will be provided soon. If you have any early questions, please send them to

Christopher Emmick
WWW Webmaster Group