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October 1, 1:30-4PM, 107 McVey Hall
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Web Publishers Meetings
Oct. 20, 2008, Monday, 2PM, location TBA
Oct. 21, 2008, Tuesday, 2PM, location TBA



Google Snatches Share From IE –

Site Map Usability -

Review: Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 offers some nifty new features -

Web 2.0 University – Sept. 23-24 at the Northern Kentucky University METS Center in Erlanger, Ky. - 
The Web Design and Developer Conference (Adobe) – Oct. 13-15 in Orlando -
Web Builder 2.0 – Oct. 13-15 in Las Vegas -
User Experience Conference – Nov. 2-7 in Chicago -
The Future of Web Design – Nov. 3-4 in New York -
FETC 2009 (Florida Educational Technology Conference) – Jan. 21-24 in Orlando -


Thanks to Jerone Farley for concise presentations at both meetings. Thanks to Anne Faulconer for the following write-up.

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Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention (SCAHIP)  -

Notes from Campus

Virtual Server: What and Why (carried over from August for South Campus)

by Karl Lawrence

A virtual server is a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers so that each server has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine.

Okay, so what does that mean? Basically;

  • Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system.
  • Each server can be independently rebooted (so you don’t crash the entire system, just your server).
  • You can install almost any software which can run on the OS (a lot more autonomy in controlling the server).
  • It’s cheaper that buying your own dedicated server.

But, as with all things, there are downsides;

  • Unlike hosted sites, you have to maintain the server yourself (you need a webserver administrator).
  • Not all software will work in a virtual environment (firewalls, antivirus and even virtualization software – don’t worry about the firewall if your virtual server is part of a UKIT or MCIS server, it is behind the campus firewall).

So to wrap things up, if you are looking for a dedicated server, but at a lower cost, a virtual server may be right for you.