Under the topic "Writing for the Web" most of us would probably say that it's a little old fashioned based on the current expectation that we create visually pleasing websites to catch a visitor's eyes, and please the boss.

Recent research somewhat downplays verbose content, revealing that during an average page view, users have time to read at most 28% of the words on the page, leaving us to try and figure out how to cram maximum information into the first two words of headlines and links.

In a recent article, web usability specialist Jakob Nielsen states, "...user behavior in relation to Internet content is paradoxical: users go to websites for information, but users scarcely read anything during an average website visit." However, when people do read websites, it's usually because the site meets two usability goals: good information architecture and good layout.

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I’m sure you’ve come across dozens, if not hundreds of image sliders or carousels. You might even like them and have created them for your site. But do they convey what you want them to or are they being ignored by viewers?

Carousels are seemingly an easy fix to two universal design problems: how to fit so much content into so little space, and how do to decide what content is the most important? An additional benefit is that because more information appears near the top of the viewable area, there may be greater opportunity for people to actually see it.

Carousels have strengths and weaknesses, but is it possible we need a "Guideline to Good Carousel Design" to derive value from what some are calling "the latest web design fad?"

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After several months of scanning resumes and conducting interviews UK's Office of the Provost and UK Public Relations and Marketing and the have chosen Andy Shooner as University Web Manager. He brings 13 years of web development experience to the position.

Before coming to UKPR&M he managed the web team in Agricultural Communications Services where he led the planning and development of a College-wide Drupal 7 platform. Previously, Andy created mobile and web solutions for brands such as HP, Autodesk, Cisco, and Clorox while at Vine Street Interactive, a Cincinnati-based agency serving Bay-area creative firms.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking, cycling in the Bluegrass, and is a volunteer manager at the Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop in Lexington.

Andy has been on board since Sept. 23 formulating plans to revamp UK's Web Policy and Guidelines, gathering information about overall web needs of the University and making provisions for documenting the implementation of upcoming Drupal and Dreamweaver template standards.

Look for communications from him in the near future.


J.R Jenkins provided insight into his busy schedule and thus provided the reasons the Drupal Lounge has been closed for a while. He hopes with the addition of a UK Web Manager that the Drupal Lounge will be open soon.

Until then please visit the Drupal Support Community for the latest UK Drupal news.


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