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Available Employment Opportunities in Residence Life

Senior R.A.

Application Deadlines:
For Spring 2013 positions: November 2, 2012
For Fall 2013-2014 positions: January 25, 2013

How to Apply:
In order to apply, candidates must submit a current resume and letter of interest to the Residence Life main office by emailing it to the following address: sraahdapp@sharepoint.uky.edu.

Preferred qualifications include being an RA for at least two semesters, but candidates who have only been an RA for one semester may also apply. All candidates must be in good standing with the department and University.

The Senior RA assists the supervisor for their hall with specific tasks in the operation of the residence hall. These are:
  • coordinating the RA duty/desk schedule each semester
  • developing teambuilding activities for the staff throughout the year
  • tracking RA LEAD BLUE programming requirements
  • representing their staff on the RA Advisory Board

In addition, Senior RAs are asked to participate in RA Training by helping plan training activities, presenting programs, and leading discussion sessions during RA training in both August and January. This involvement may require Senior RAs to return earlier to campus.

Finally, Senior RAs fulfill all other responsibilities of the RA position, including working desk. The Senior RA is not considered a supervisor for the other RAs in their hall, but an RA with additional responsibilities to assist the Hall Director.

Senior R.A.s receive the same compensation as R.A.s plus an additional annual stipend of $1,200.00.