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When will I receive information about my housing assignment?

Students who applied before May 1, 2014 will receive their housing assignment on or around July 21, 2014.

Students who applied after May 1, 2014 will be notified of their housing status the week of August 4, 2014.

What if I want to request a cancellation of my Housing application?

If after completing a Housing Application a student chooses to cancel the application, that student is required to do so in writing to the Housing Assignment Office in room 125 of the Funkhouser Building. Cancellations may be done in person, by fax (859-257-6453), by email (ukhousing@email.uky.edu) or by mail: UK Campus Housing / 125 Funkhouser Bldg. / Lexington, KY 40506-0054. The Date the cancellation notification is received in the Housing Assignment Office will be the Official Date of Cancellation. Students who choose to cancel their Housing application will be charged according to the following schedule.

Fall Semester Cancellation Schedule:
For students who have lived in University housing previously and are applying to return (Returning Students):

  • Once assignment is received, no cancellation fee if cancellation is received by February 1st.
  • 20% of the assigned housing rate for the fall semester for cancelling from February 2nd – April 1st.
  • 25% of the assigned housing rate for the fall semester for cancelling from April 2nd – June 1st.
  • 50% of the assigned housing rate for the fall semester for cancelling June 2nd or anytime thereafter. Also the prorated charge for each day from the fall move-in date to the date on which Student has provided written cancellation notification for cancelling by September 1st. This rate also applies to students who apply for on-campus housing and then never move in to the housing facilities - No Shows.
  • Full housing and dining charges (at assigned hall and plan rates) for cancelling after September 1st.

For students who have never before lived in University housing (New Students):

  • No cancellation fee if cancellation is received by June 1st.
  • 20% of the traditional hall rate for the fall semester for cancelling from June 2nd – July 1st.
  • 25% of the traditional hall rate for the fall semester for cancelling by July 2nd – August 1st.
  • 50% of the assigned housing rate for the fall semester plus the prorated charge for each day from the fall move-in date to the date on which Student has provided written cancellation notification for cancelling by September 1st. This rate also applies to students who apply for on-campus housing and then never move in to the housing facilities - No Shows.
  • Full housing and dining charges (at assigned hall and plan rates) for cancelling after September 1st.

Spring Semester Cancellation Schedule:

(This Schedule applies only to Students who are applying for the first time for On-Campus Housing. It does not apply to Students who lived in On-Campus Housing during the fall semester):

  • No charge for cancelling by January 1st for the spring semester
  • 25% of the Traditional Hall Rate for the spring semester for cancelling by January 15th.
  • 50% of the Assigned Housing and Dining Rates for the fall semester plus the prorated charge for each day from the fall move-in date to the date on which Student has provided written cancellation notification for cancelling by February 1st. This rate also applies to Students who apply for On-Campus Housing and then never move in to the Housing Facilities - No Shows.
  • Full housing and dining charges (at assigned hall and plan rates) for cancelling after February 1st.
If my roommate decides not to attend UK, may I request someone to replace them?

If your requested roommate decides not to attend, you can request another person as your roommate by written notification to the Housing Office. Please note that the new roommate has to apply for Housing and must request you as their roommate choice. Each of you must ask for the same residence hall. (All change requests must be made in writing by July 15, by E-mail, fax or U.S. mail.) No verbal change requests will be accepted.

May I smoke in the residence halls?

Smoking is NOT allowed in any residence hall. UK is a Tobacco-Free campus.

Are all halls air-conditioned?

All buildings are air-conditioned.

When may I move into my room?

Students participating in Marching Band and /or Sorority Recruitment will move in on August 16th.

Students participating in a Living Learning Community will move in on August 20th

Freshmen move into the residence halls on Friday, August 22nd.

Returning students move into the residence halls on Saturday, August 23rd.

Students will receive details and directions to their respective residence hall via their link blue email account the week of August 4th.

May I bring my car to campus?

Yes, but you must purchase a parking pass to be able to park on campus, and parking spaces are extremely limited. You do not need a car to be able to get to your classes. In fact, most of the campus is more accessible by bike or on foot than by car. Parking spaces are not guaranteed, and preference for parking permits is given to juniors and seniors. For more information about parking, call (859) 257-5757.

Is there a bus service on campus?


The Campus Area Transit System (CATS) fleet consists of 18 buses that support four routes serving the campus core during the fall and spring semesters as well as the Medical Center Shuttle, which operates year-round. These buses are small and maneuverable allowing for more reliable service to the campus interior. LexTran buses also run to and from central campus, residence halls, and Commonwealth Stadium. Both CATS buses and LexTran campus buses do not have fare; they are funded by parking permit fees. To see schedules and routes, visit: http://www.uky.edu/Parking/transportation-buses-shuttles.html.

Lexington: LEXTRAN

Buy a "Class Pass" for just $50 per semester or $75 per year and get all around Lexington. For more information on schedules and routes or to buy a Class Pass, visit http://www.lextranonthemove.org.

Are pets allowed in the residence halls?

You may keep fish in your residence hall room in an aquarium no larger than 1.3 cubic feet (10 gallons). No other pets are allowed in the residence halls. However, students with a disability may have a service animal living with them.

How secure are the residence halls?

The residence halls, like any community, are not immune from the acts of individuals who wish to be disruptive. However, the University does provide numerous measures to increase the safety of students living in the halls. These include:

  • 24-hour front desk coverage.
  • Check-in and escort requirements for ALL visitors. Security cameras in all halls that are monitored by front desk personnel.
  • A card access system on all residence hall front doors.
  • Live-in Residence Life staff who make repeated rounds every evening through each residence hall and who are trained and available to respond to crises and emergency situations.
  • Adopt-A-Cop Program: specific UK police officers work with each residence hall and provide programs for residents about safety issues on campus.
  • Sprinklers and smoke detector systems to provide early response in case of fire emergencies.
  • An administrative disciplinary process to respond to students who violate the Residence Hall Rules of Conduct.

Students themselves play an important role in maintaining safe residence halls by locking their doors when they leave their rooms, making sure exterior doors are not propped open, escorting their guests at all times, questioning any visitors in the building who are not escorted, and reporting any disruptive behaviors to residence hall staff members.

Am I allowed to bring my own furniture?

All residence hall rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, shades or blinds, closet space, and dresser-type drawer space. These items must remain in the room; however, students may also bring small items of furniture such as extra shelves or a lounge chair, space permitting. It is important to check with your roommate to coordinate what each person is bringing so you do not run out of space.

Are there restrictions to decorating my room?

Students may not make any permanent alterations to their residence hall rooms such as painting and wallpapering. You are welcome to personalize your space by hanging posters, photos and curtains but must use 3M Command Strips.

*Students living in the Kirwan-Blanding complex may paint their room with prior approval.

Due to fire regulations, students may not loft their beds.

What appliances should I bring?

Students may lease or purchase a refrigerator and/or microwave. Refrigerators must be a maximum of 5 cubic feet. Microwaves must be 800 watts or less.

**Students living in Central I, Central II, Champions I, Champions II, Haggin, Woodland Glen I and Woodland Glen II have a MicroFridge in their room.

*MicroFridge Rental
Only Applies to Kirwan/Blanding Complex, Roselle, Smith, Baldwin, Ingels and Blazer.
The MicroFridge is a one-of-a-kind unit that includes a full refrigerator, freezer and microwave – all-in-one! This is a convenient alternative to bringing a refrigerator and microwave from home and is a must-have item for students attending Kentucky from far away or out-of-state.

Order your MicroFridge by AUGUST 5 to guarantee FREE delivery to your room before move-in day! It is one less large item to pack, making move-in day MUCH easier and less stressful!

To place your order, visit www.bedloft.com.

**Please note that if you do not know your Hall and/or Room Number, you may still place an order. Please select Unknown from the "Select Hall" drop down menu and enter 0 for your Room Number. After you place your order, you will receive email notifications from our Customer Service team to remind you to fill in your hall and room information as soon as you receive it.**

What about bed linens?

Twin Extra-long or Full Extra-long sheets (depending on your residence hall)

All beds in every residence hall are twin, extra long except for Champions I, Champions II, Woodland Glen I, Woodland Glen II and Haggin hall. Beds in the above mentioned residence halls have full, extra long beds.

Can I loft my bed?

No, lofting your bed is prohibited.

Are there any appliances or additions I am not allowed to bring?
  • Air conditioners
  • Hot plates
  • Excessive wall coverings
  • Extension cords
  • Candles
  • Electric skillets
  • Incense
  • Deep fryer
  • Halogen lamps
  • Crock Pot
  • Multi-plug adapters
  • George Foreman© Grill
  • Bed loft kits, other than those provided by Campus Housing
  • Charcoal grill
  • Shelves may not be placed on the Safety Bars in the Kirwan/Blanding Complex

Please also remember you may not plug multiple electrical "power strips" together, alter smoke detectors, remove door closures, or put excessive furniture in your room.

What are Living-Learning Communities and what Living-Learning Communities are available for students to choose from?
At UK, when we talk about Living-Learning Communities, we mean living in a community with others who share common majors, classes or other interests. The purpose of a Living-Learning Community is to integrate your classroom experience and interests with experiences where you live and to create a small college atmosphere in a large university setting. Students who live in a Living-Learning Community have the chance to take advantage of benefits, such as:
  • greater access to faculty and tutors in your classes and majors
  • resources (space, equipment, etc.) specific to your areas of interest
  • programs and activities that build on what youÕre learning in class
  • improved academic performance
  • faculty and/or professionals in your field of interest to serve as mentors
Living Learning Communities For Fall 2014
  1. Business Enterprise Community
  2. CI Connect Community
  3. EDLIFE Community
  4. Environmental & Sustainability Residential College (Greenhouse)
  5. Kinesiology and Health Promotion
  6. Transfer Student Community
  7. Agriculture Residential College
  8. Engineering Residential College
  9. Entrepreneurial Studies/iNET Community
  10. Fine Arts Residential College
  11. First Generation Community
  12. Global Village Community
  13. Health Care Residential College
  14. Honors Community
  15. Leadership and Service Community
  16. R.O.T.C. Community
  17. Wellness Community
  18. Wired Community
What's the best way to make sure I get along well with my roommate?

Whether your roommate is a long-time friend of yours or someone you never met before, it will be essential that you talk over certain issues about living together before these issues become problems. For this reason, when you arrive on campus, you will be required to talk over certain issues with your roommate and enter into an agreement about how certain things will be handled during the year. As part of this process, you will fill out a "Roommate Agreement Form" that will be kept on file should conflicts arise. To prepare for this process, following are 10 issues you should think about before you come to campus:

  • At what times of day do you most often study, and what conditions do you study best in (noise level, etc.)?
  • At what times of day do you typically go to bed and get up, and what conditions do you sleep best in? (e.g., can you sleep with the TV or stereo on?)
  • At what times are you comfortable having visitors in the room? Are there times when you don't want a member of the opposite sex visiting? If you want privacy at a certain time, how will you communicate that to your roommate?
  • Are you comfortable sharing things such as personal belongings, clothes, food, etc.? Do you want your roommate to ask permission before using the computer, TV, etc.?
  • How neat or clean do you want the room to be? How do you want to divide up cleaning responsibilities?
  • If friends call for you while you're out, how will you take messages and where will you leave them? How will you pay for options like call waiting and long distance?
  • Will you both use the same alarm clock, or will you have separate ones? Does use of the snooze button annoy you? What times will alarms be set for?
  • Do the doors stay locked at all times?
  • Are there any decorations or posters that offend you?
  • How do you address situations that may put you in violation of University policy?
May I have guests visit me in my room?

24-7: Guests from outside the hall (regardless of gender) will be permitted to visit 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

All guests (including family members) must sign in at the front desk with a picture ID. After midnight, residents must sign in and out with their student ID at the front desk. Before you have guests visit, it is important that you speak to your roommate(s) first to complete a roommate agreement form. This will help clarify any expectations you and your roommate(s) may have concerning guest(s) that come to the room. Permission from your roommate(s) should be obtained in advance each time if you are planning to have the guest(s) stay overnight.

May students have alcohol in their residence hall room?

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in undergraduate housing supervised by the University, regardless of a student's age. This includes residence halls, fraternities, and sororities. Students found in possession of, under the influence of, or in the presence of alcohol will be referred to the University disciplinary system. One of the likely sanctions for a first-time offense is referral to a day-long course on alcohol use that costs $100 to attend.

In addition, alcoholic beverage containers, even those that are souvenirs or are part of a collection, are not permitted. Containers include, but are not limited to, beer cans and bottles, kegs, and wine bottles.

How noisy are the residence halls?

With many students living in the same building together, the noise level can sometimes be distracting. This is why we emphasize to students the need to be aware of your noise level and considerate of those around you while you are listening to music and socializing. Each hall is required to have quiet hours, at a minimum, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., every day. During quiet hours, noise should not be audible outside a resident's room. In addition, even at times other than officially established quiet hours, students are expected to maintain reasonably low levels of noise and to comply with requests by others for quiet. These expectations are enforced by residents, with assistance from staff members when necessary.

Is there a policy for residents to sign in and out?

All visitors must sign in and out at all times. After midnight, residents must sign in and out with a photo ID card at the front desk.

What if I have a conflict with my roommate?

The Office of Residence Life recommends that you and your new roommate review and fill out the roommate contract when you first move into the residence hall. This will give you an opportunity to communicate about many issues. Open communication is the key to any lasting relationship. An official room change period is set each semester for students who wish to change rooms. Students desiring a room change should speak with their Resident Adviser or Hall Director for more information.

Where do I have my mail sent?

Mail is delivered to the residence halls Monday through Friday. You will receive a box number which you may include on all correspondence after moving in. Prior to moving in, you may direct your mail to:

Your Name
Your Room No. and Hall
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40526
Are the residence halls wired for cable?

Digital cable service is provided to students living on campus through ResNet and Insight Communications. Each room has a mini box and remote control for digital service. To take advantage of this service, you will need a coax cable, two AA batteries for the remote and a cable-ready television. If you are interested in adding more features or channels to your television service, or would like to upgrade to a DVR, please call Insight Communications at 514-1400.

How will I be able to access the Internet from my room? What is ResNet?

ResNet is the Internet connection in UK's residence hall rooms and apartments. Each residence hall room or apartment is equipped to provide an Internet connection for each student. The cost for the service is included in your housing fee; all you will need is a computer that meets ResNet's minimum system requirements and a Category 5 or 6 (Cat 5 or 6) cable.

What do I need to bring with me to access the Internet?

All you need is a computer that meets ResNet minimum system requirements and a Category 5 or 6 (Cat 5 or 6) cable. You will also need to know your link blue account information. For more information about link blue, call 218-HELP (4357).

ResNet Minimum System Requirements:

Windows Machines
Windows XP, Vista or 7
10/100 Ethernet Card

Macintosh Machines
Mac OS X
10/100 Ethernet Card
Is wireless Internet access available?

Wireless Internet is available in the residence hall lobbies. Supplemental wireless access is available in the residence hall rooms in all Blanding and Kirwan halls, Donovan, Haggin, Blazer, Holmes, Keeneland and Patterson halls and Wildcat lodge. Wireless Internet is also available other places throughout campus. For more information about other campus wireless locations; please visit: https://www.uky.edu/UKIT/faqs/wireless.htm.

How do I contact ResNet?

If you have questions before or after you get to campus, feel free to call or visit the ResNet office or our Web site (listed below).

34A Donovan Hall
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40526-0072
(859) 323-4948 (press 2)
How do I get connected to ResNet?

The best way to reach ResNet when you get to campus is at the Install-a-thon. The first two weeks of the semester, ResNet consultants will be in various locations all over campus waiting to assist you. Look in your residence hall lobby for the Install-a-thon poster, or on the ResNet web site to see a list of times and dates that ResNet will be in your area.

You will be asked for your Link Blue user ID and password the first time that you log on to ResNet. This account will also be used for many other computing needs across campus, including logging into computer lab and library computers.

Will I have my own telephone?

Local telephone service is not provided. Students wanting local telephone service in their residence hall room should contact 859-218-HELP. Addition Information is available online at www.uky.edu/IS/CNS/stservices/phserv.html. The cell phone companies with the strongest cell signal in the residence halls are ATT, Verizon and Nextel. If you have a cell carrier other than these mentioned, please contact your provider for more information. Research has proven that students are coming to campus with cell phones.

How can I protect my computer from viruses when I get to campus?

There are many things you can do to protect your computer from viruses. You should update your operating system and antivirus software definitions before you come to campus as well as while you are living on campus as new updates and definitions are released almost daily.

Windows users can download critical updates from http://update.microsoft.com (external website). Macintosh users can download all critical updates from http://www.apple.com/support/downloads (external website).

All UK students may use McAfee VirusScan free of charge. You may download this software from the University of Kentucky's download page located at http://download.uky.edu. You will need your Link Blue user ID and password to access this download. If you already have antivirus software installed on your computer, make sure you have the latest virus definitions (follow the instructions provided with your antivirus software).

May I bring my bike?

Yes. Bicycles may not be kept in residence halls due to fire code regulations, but many bicycle racks are available outside each residence hall. We recommend that you bring a U-bolt lock to secure your bicycle to the rack. Don't have a bicycle on campus? Take advantage of Wildcat Wheels, a free bike library program available to all faculty, staff and students with a valid UK ID. All bikes are equipped with locks and several have baskets and are able to be checked out for 48-hour usage, although they may be borrowed for longer periods by request. For more information about how to borrow a bicycle through the Wildcat Wheels program, visit: http://www.uky.edu/HR/wellness/wildcatwheels.html. The UK Police Department encourages campus bicycle riders to register their bikes in case of theft. Register your bike here: http://www.uky.edu/Police/operationid.html.

Is there a fitness facility for Campus Housing residents?

The Johnson Center located on Complex Drive on south campus is a state-of-the-art fitness facility available to students living in the residence halls.

Where can I do laundry?

UK's washers and dryers are equipped with a unique laundry system called WaveRider. WaveRider is a wireless credit/debit card payment and account management system. WaveRider allows for a secure method of accepting Master Card or Visa card payments for doing laundry or via preloaded funds by scanning the machine QR codes; WaveRider is secure and PCI compliant.

To start a machine students will simply swipe their Master Card or Visa credit or debit card or scan the machine QR code. Students who may not have a debit/credit card or preloaded funds may purchase a Master Card or Visa debit/credit card at the UK Bookstore, grocery or convenience stores. All washers and dryers are tagged with usage directions and each laundry room has laundry instructions and information posted on the walls.

Students can either go to www.mywavevision.com to set up a WaveVision Laundry Status account or download the WaveRider Laundry App for free by visiting the App Store or Google Play and search for "WaveRider Laundry". If downloading the Laundry App students will:

  • set up a user account
  • and can preload funds onto their account to be used for payment at the washer and dryer via the QR code on the machines

Once the WaveRider Laundry application has been downloaded or an account setup via WaveVision Laundry Status, students can:

  • see how many machines are available before visiting the laundry room
  • see how much time is left on machines that are currently running
  • simply swipe Master Card or Visa credit or debit card or scan QR code when ready to start machines
  • monitor washer and dryer cycles from their room with theLaundry Status feature
  • receive an email or text messageonce washer and dryer loads are finished

*All laundry rooms are equipped with HE (High Efficiency) washing machines; please be sure to use HE detergent.

Are there any job opportunities on campus?

Yes! UK Dining hires more students than any other department on campus. We'll work around your class schedule and give you a free meal per shift, and you won't have to move your car to get to work. Download an application from our Web site, visit the UK Dining Services location nearest you, or fill out the application in the Dining Services brochure.

The Office of Residence Life also employs a large number of students to serve as desk clerks, recycling associates and resident advisors. For more information, stop by 537 Patterson Office Tower or see your Hall Director or RA.

The UK Campus Housing Office through ResNet hires students to work as ResNet Consultants, who will help students living in UK Campus Housing connect to the Internet. For more information about the Resnet program, call (859) 323-4948.

I've received a scholarship, but do not know if I need to pay my housing and dining fees directly or if the monies from my scholarship will be forwarded. Please advise me.

All scholarships may be awarded to the recipient differently. However, most pay individual departments first and then issue a check for the rest of the amount to the student.

We recommend that you contact the office that is awarding the scholarship to work out all details before moving on campus.

You've answered a lot of questions, but what happens if I get home and think of something I forgot to ask?

Ask us any time. We're here to help and we want your college experience to be the best it can be. Living on campus is the smart choice. We believe students who live on campus tend to do better academically, graduate sooner and make more friends! Feel free to contact us anytime.

Do I have to move out during university breaks?

Residence Halls are closed during the three stated recesses of the University (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break). Students who require housing during any of these three periods must request assignment to Smith Hall, Roselle Hall or Kirwan Tower. Special consideration will be given to out-of-state and international applicants. The University reserves the right to deny assignment to this special area if the student does not qualify. These halls are equipped with kitchens. If you require recess housing, choose Smith, Roselle, or Kirwan Tower on your housing application. UK Dining is open during extended holidays and summer sessions. Visit www.uky.edu/diningservices for a list of locations, hours of operation, and menus.