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Living Learning Program

Living Learning Program

The Living Learning Program at the University of Kentucky recognizes that college students learn both in and out of the classroom. The Office of Residence Life has collaborated with our academic partners and other student success partners to compliment the classroom experience.

Through Living Learning Communities and Residential Colleges we offer students an opportunity to live and learn together in an integrated academic residential environment. This dynamic residential experience will offer specialized programming, interactions with UK faculty and staff; and a supportive community that focuses on student success.

Students who participate in a Living Learning Program at the University of Kentucky will...

  • Engage more frequently in outside classroom interactions with faculty and academic partners.
  • Engage in integrated activities within the classroom and residence hall environment that support UK's academic curriculum.
  • Establish and maintain enriching dialogue with peers about academics.
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships through social networks and inclusion
  • Utilize and enhance leadership and critical thinking skills
  • Become aware of and actively engaged in University resources.
  • Demonstrate a stronger commitment to and awareness of issues related to civic engagement and Global citizenship

Why should you join a Living Learning Program at the University of Kentucky?

Studies show that students who participate in a Living Learning Program at The University of Kentucky…

  • were more academically successful than their corresponding cohort
  • had higher first year G.P.As
  • Reported being successful or very successful in adjusting to academic demands of college
  • Reported developing close relationships with their peers

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