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About the ROTC Community

The ROTC Living Learning Community is an opportunity for Army & Air Force Cadets to live and learn alongside each other. The ROTC Living Learning community provides top notch leadership and military training to students who are committed to being change agents in their local and global community.

Group of Cadets

Student Profile

The ROTC Living Learning community is looking for first year Army and Air Force cadets who want to enhance their ROTC Leadership Training. Candidates for the ROTC living learning community should be loyal, respectful, committed to service, honor and integrity. Cadets in the ROTC community also build strong relationships with fellow Cadets, mentors, and University of Kentucky partners. All majors are accepted.

Photo of AustinAustin Heil
Sophomore Air Force ROTC & Hall Government President

Living in the LLC for the past two years has been great. I have made some lifelong friends and created many amazing and unforgettable memories. It is great being able to live with other students who are involved in the same things as you and have the same general morals and beliefs. We all help each other out and I feel that with the freshman living on the floor I can be a friend and a mentor to them. We work together and grow together as friends and as brothers in arms.



Photo of KaitlynKaitlyn Keegan
Freshman ARMY ROTC

The ROTC LLC has helped me meet and become closer with people that are involved in the same program (and the Air Force Program) here at UK. It is extremely helpful, especially for early morning Physical Training. We are all in close proximity and keep each other in line. The LLC also helps because we are all working towards the same goal of becoming officers in either the ARMY or Air Force. Yay!



Photo of MattMatt Frisbie
Freshman Air Force ROTC

The Living Learning community is probably one of the best decisions I have made, college-wise. It is a unique experience to live with other members of ROTC because not only do we have that in common, but it allows us to connect and strengthen our community. Some of the things we do include watching movies, usually ones about war. We often go out to eat as a group, we socialize in the lobby and we help each other in anything, whether it be school, fixing your uniform, etc. Chances are someone that knows what to do is there to help. It is this bond that makes living in the LLC better than in any other place. I don't want to confuse you into thinking the LLC only helps with ROTC and school, because that would be misleading you. We do a lot of stuff just for fun. It is stuff like this that we remember and take away from living here, and I would recommend the LLC to anyone

Learning Outcome

Students who participate in the ROTC Living Learning Community will...

  • establish friendships and identify as part of the ROTC living learning community.
  • express confidence in their ability to understand and meet the expectations placed upon them as ROTC cadets and college students at the University of Kentucky.
  • participate, at a rate of 90% or better, in physical fitness training, class, and labs.

  • achieve and maintain a cumulative 2.75 GPA or above.

  • be able to identify the core values of Army and Air Force and describe ways in which they demonstrate these values in their lives.

  • have an increased understanding of both Army and Air Force branches and will actively engage in collaboration between the two.


All students who participate in the ROTC living learning community will reside at Woodland Glen I.


Beyond the residential experience students who enroll in the ROTC LLC can expect to participate in programs in and outside of the residence hall such as:

  • The annual Deans Run
  • MRE (meals ready to eat) taste testing dinner
  • Various community service projects in the local Lexington and UK community.

Additional Information

Please contact the UK Army or Air Force Office to learn more about UK’s ROTC program or click on the links below:

Jonathon L. Cozad, 1st Lt, USAF
Recruiting Flight Commander
AFROTC Dept. 290, University of Kentucky
(859) 257-7115