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About the SEAM Community

The SEAM Living Learning Community is unique in that only students accepted into SEAM are considered for the program. SEAM, which stands for Scholars in Engineering & Management, is an honors program within the College of Engineering and the Gatton College of Business & Economics.

The SEAM Living Learning Community is designed to complement the SEAM academic program by providing students with a residence in which like-minded students can live together and support one another throughout their academic and college experiences. In addition, the residential experience will allow students various opportunities to engage in lively and pertinent dialogue related to the SEAM program as well as participate in programs and opportunities that will enhance their overall UK and SEAM experience.

Student Profile

The Seam Living Learning Community is looking for incoming first year students who have been accepted to the 4-year SEAM program at UK. Students are generally accepted into this 4-year academic program during their senior year in high school (student selection for the SEAM program takes place during the month of February.)

Learning Outcome

Through participation in the SEAM Living Learning Community, a student will:

  • Develop Networking and professional development skills by engaging with prominent business leaders.
  • Learn about a variety of internship/co-op experiences along with helpful hints and tips on how to acquire them.
  • Engage with UK faculty and staff outside of the classroom and apply class techniques outside of the classroom.
  • Increase their awareness of academic support resources throughout campus.
  • Be more invested in the SEAM program through SEAM retention, success and participation in SEAM events and programs.


All students who participate in the SEAM LLC will reside in Ingles Hall located in the south campus neighborhood.

Connected Courses

Throughout each year at UK, SEAM students take classes together that complement both the engineering and business disciplines.


SEAM Living Learning Community also recognizes the importance of civic engagement and has decided to participate in outreach opportunities throughout the academic year. These can range from days of service in the local community to in-house projects that allow for more social interaction. In addition, students who enroll in the SEAM Living Learning Community can expect to participate in programs in and outside of the residence hall such as:

  • site visits
  • internships\co-op panels
  • special guest speakers
  • networking events

Additional Information

For more information on UK's 4 year SEAM program please go to http://gatton.uky.edu/Undergraduates/Content.asp?PageName=USEAMProgram or contact:

Lauren Goodpaster
Leadership Director
245A Gatton College of Business & Economics
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0034