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Fine Arts Residential College

About the Fine Arts Residential College

The Fine Arts Residential College is a unique opportunity for first year students who are interested in all variations of the fine and performing arts. Through a variety of programming, students in the Fine Arts Residential College explore, expand their knowledge of the arts and experience the many connections among the arts culture and the UK local community.

In addition, students who enroll in the Fine Arts Residential College are given an opportunity to receive free tickets to College of Fine Arts sponsored performances throughout the academic school year.

Student Profile

The Fine Arts Residential College is looking for incoming first year students from any major who share a vested interest in all variations of the fine and performing arts. This community is also a very good fit for students with a Fine Arts major at UK.

Learning Outcome

Through participation in the Fine Arts Residential College, a student will:

  • Recognize and compare various genres in the arts.
  • Demonstrate a desire to work with people different from themselves.
  • Manage the college experience to achieve academic and personal success.
  • Exhibit a heightened awareness of intrapersonal needs, such as self-advocacy, self-care, and personal attributes.
  • Identify and exhibit effective leadership skills, ethical decision making, organizational skills, and principled dissent.
  • Compare various arts-related occupations for future employment and express strategies relevant to seeking an occupation in the field.


All students who participate in the Fine Arts Residential College will reside on the 2nd floor of Roselle Hall located in the North campus neighborhood.

Connected Courses

The Fine Arts Residential College does not have a connected course; however the community does offer free Music Theory tutoring. Music Theory is a course commonly taken by many Fine Arts students, and is required for students majoring in music.


Students in the Fine Arts Residential College can expect to engage in the following programs throughout the course of the academic year.

  • Open-Mic Night
    • a program where students in the community perform and showcase their artistic talents for their peers. The coffee house style setting includes an intimate atmosphere with coffee, tea, and pastries.
  • Dessert with the Dean
    • This is an amazing program for our students! Michael Tick, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, comes out to meet all the students. He is here to offer valuable insight and advice on how to succeed in the college. He loves meeting the students and learning about their artistic goals.
  • Tutoring
    • We offer Music Theory tutoring twice a week to our participants free of charge. You can come out and get help with your coursework!
  • Free College of Fine Arts Program Tickets
    • The College of Fine Arts places value on our students going out and experiencing various types of artistic performances. Participants in our community receive free tickets to most performances that are supported by the College of Fine Arts! This is a great opportunity for everyone in the community to get together to go out and support each other as many of the students in the community participate in the performances themselves. This semester the community was able to go see UK theatre‚Äôs production of Romeo and Juliet and experience the holiday musical event Collage.

Additional Information

For additional information about UK's Fine Arts academic program please go to http://finearts.uky.edu

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