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Healthcare Residential College

About the Healthcare Residential College

The Healthcare Residential College is a residential experience designed to assist students who are pursuing healthcare professions. In the Healthcare Residential College students have the opportunity to live and learn with likeminded individuals. This unique residential experience aids students pursuing a healthcare profession through its intentional programming. As a member of the Healthcare Residential College, students can expect to receive informal advising, healthcare presentations, and mentoring with faculty from associated colleges.

Student Profile

The Healthcare Residential College is looking for first year students who are interested in pursuing healthcare professions, regardless of major.


All students who participate in the HealthCare Residential College will reside in Haggin Hall.

Connected Courses

Students who participate in the Healthcare Residential College will be required to enroll in the corresponding section of UK 101: Academic Orientation, which will be taught by a healthcare faculty member. This course is designed to introduce first-year students to the intellectual life at the University of Kentucky. In addition, depending on the students major, students will also be encouraged to enroll in HHS 101: Survey of the Health Professions I (one credit, fall semester).


Students can expect to participate in perennial events such as UK Fusion and their respective College welcome event. Other programmatic events shall be determined by advising staff in coordination with Residence Life staff. Students are always encouraged to attend any event facilitated by Residence Life staff in addition to "healthcare specific" programming. In addition, students will enjoy opportunities to interact with faculty and staff affiliated with healthcare colleges on a regular basis. Programming will also offer opportunities to learn about healthcare related topics such as interprofessionalism and the value of service.