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About the Honors Community

The Honors Living Learning Community is a residential experience that allows students who are members of UK's Honors program to continue their collaborative learning in a supportive and close-knit environment. Students who participate in the Honors LLC receive targeted residential programming intended to enhance the scholarly experience. Through increased interaction with faculty inside and outside of the classroom, students are immersed into a stimulating intellectual and social environment that promotes and supports student success.

Student Profile

The Honors Living Learning Community is looking for highly motivated academic orientated first year students who have been accepted into the Honors program at UK. All academic majors and disciplines are accepted.

Learning Outcome

Through participation in the Honors living learning community, a student will develop the following:

  • The ability to define what student success means for them at the end of their first two semesters of college.
  • The ability to identify campus resources for student success (e.g. Career Center, Counseling and Testing, Office of Undergraduate Research, Education Abroad).
  • Will continue to live on campus after the first week of classes at a higher average than the general university housing population.
  • Residents in the LLC will also rank their overall satisfaction with campus living higher after their first semester and year than the general university housing population.


All students who participate in the Honors LLC will reside in Central I and II located on central campus.

Connected Courses

There are no formally attached courses to the Honors living learning community. However, as a member of the Honors Living Learning Community, you will have the opportunity to live with students taking many of the same Honors classes and attending the same Honors functions as you. In addition, some Honors courses are taught in classrooms located in Central II.


Students who enroll in the Honors living learning community can expect to participate in programs in and outside of the residence hall such as:

  • Workshops on preparing for Graduate School and Internships
  • Seminars on preparing for the Job Search
  • Meet-and-greet events with campus faculty and staff
  • Community service opportunities
  • Stress relief programs
  • Tutoring\study sessions

Additional Information

For additional information on UK's Honors program please go to http://www.uky.edu/Honors/