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Leadership & Service Community

About the Leadership & Service Community

The Leadership & Service LLC is designed to engage first-year students in service and leadership opportunities available on campus and in the community. Residents participate in service projects, leadership activities, and programs about social justice throughout the year. Through these, students learn about the ways that they can contribute to the University of Kentucky, local, and global communities now and in the future.

Student Profile

The Leadership & Service Living Learning Community is looking for first year students interested in leadership, service, social justice, and general involvement at UK and in the local community. All majors are welcomed!

Learning Outcome

Through participation in the Leadership & Service Living Learning Community, a student will develop the following:

  1. The ability to demonstrate leadership in the LLC through the development of and participation in service projects.
  2. The ability to describe their individual leadership style using information learned as part of their Living Learning Community experience.
  3. Identify and discuss the role of leadership in issues affecting the campus community.
  4. Discuss current events in the local, regional and global community


All students who participate in the Leadership & Service Living Learning Community will reside in Woodland Glen I.

Connected Courses

Students who participate in the Leadership & Service Living Learning Community are required to enroll in the connected fall CLD 002 course. CLD 002 is an overview of theories of leadership, leadership styles, and leader-follower relationships, the course moves to a consideration of other factors influencing contemporary leadership and management (e. g, conflict resolution, and ethical decision-making, group processes). Readings, case study analyses, interviews with community and business leaders, and self-diagnostic inventories help students develop both conceptual and reality-based understandings of contemporary leadership.


A variety of opportunities - for example, discussions, activities, and events, meetings, and retreats - will be offered to participants. Participants in this community will have access to several student and full-time staff members dedicated to the mission of the community and the success of participants within it, including:

  • Two live-in Peer Mentors and two live-in Resident Assistants (students)
  • A live-in Resident Director from the Office of Residence Life (staff)
  • A live-out Assistant Director from the Office of Student Involvement (staff)

In addition to meetings and programs offered exclusively to participants in this community, all Holmes Hall RA's are required to plan a leadership and/or service-themed program, which participants in the Leadership & Service LLP are expected to attend. As mentioned, students who enroll in the Leadership and Service Living Learning Community will have the opportunity to participate in programs designed specifically for students who are interested in enhancing their leadership skills. The programs offered include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Leadership training
  • Monthly in-hall community meetings centered on various Leadership topics and opportunities
  • Local or Global community service projects (i.e. alternative spring break)
  • Free or significantly reduced fields trip
  • Skill Building Ropes course

Additionally, the students in this community are expected to participate in DanceBlue yearly, and encouraged to participate in Alternative Spring Breaks (ASB).

Additional Information

For additional information about the UK's Center for Community Outreach and how to get involved on UK's campus please go to www.ukcco.org