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About the Wired Community

In the Wired residential college, first-year students are offered a 2020 education today. Students actively participate with faculty on research, service projects and scholarship in the residence hall. Throughout the year, they cover special topics in and out of class, such as the effects of sleep deprivation, oral history, local food ways, , and film discussions. Students participate first-hand in knowledge creation, with opportunities for publishable results.

In addition, students in Wired create lasting bonds with peers, faculty, and staff. They will find their place in the digital knowledge-based economy. These experiences set the stage for the development of a holistically-educated digital citizen ready for tomorrow's workforce.

Student Profile

The Wired Residential College is open to all UK first-year students. An arts and sciences education is often heralded by employers and civic leaders as an exemplary preparation for life and career. Through the acquisition of critical thinking and communication skills, students steeped in the liberal arts are able to navigate and succeed in a world dominated by change, innovation and complexity.

Learning Outcome

Through participation in the Wired Residential College, a student will:

  • Create lasting bonds with peers, faculty, and staff so that students develop social and academic networks and well-being.
  • Demonstrate increased awareness of community resources and diversity as well as of opportunities for making connections with the broader community.
  • Participate directly with faculty on research, service projects, and scholarship.
  • Actively participate in the creation and direction of their own education.
  • Acquire critical thinking and communication skills, and they are able to integrate disparate streams of information to solve problems.
  • Delve into the liberal arts tradition from the start of their academic careers, which enhances their major coursework as well as help undeclared students determine their best course of study.
  • Engage in learning conducive to mobile technologies such as laptops and iPads.
  • Produce a variety of texts such as videos, websites, audio podcasts, and essays, while honing ability to write and think in new media environments and classrooms.


All students who participate in the Wired Residential College will reside in Champions II located in the North campus neighborhood.


The Wired program facilitates activities both in and outside the classroom that are technology-rich, prioritize experiential learning, and collaborate with the local community through service-learning opportunities. They address particular topics within a discipline as well as in interdisciplinary contexts.

Examples of co-curricular experiences:

Coffee Chats: At Wired Residential Coffee Chats, representatives from the university and Lexington communities describe their work during informal conversations with students over (free) refreshments. Guests need not prepare formal presentations, but we do encourage them to use images and multi-media sources to illustrate their discussions.

Newspapers Online: (Connecting to the Local, National, and Global Environment through Newspapers) In this group, students and faculty read a newspaper each day for four weeks on their iPads, which they receive for being part of the residential college. They cover local news (e.g., Lexington Herald-Leader), national news sources (e.g., NY Times), and international newspapers (e.g., People's Daily from China, the Guardian from England).

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month): Want to write a novel in a month? Join the NaNoWriMo group in Keeneland Hall led by Wired Co-Director Dr. Nathan DeWall. The novel need not be stellar, or even all that great. The point is to get started, to foster a regular writing schedule, and to mingle with like-minded folks.

The Professor's Bookshelf: In this group, students meet with faculty to discuss a book of the faculty member's choosing. (The book needn't be relevant to the faculty member's area of expertise.) This program provides students the opportunity to connect with and get to know their professors in a stimulating and welcoming environment.

Making Research Live: In this group, students learn that research is a part of their everyday lives (instead of being confined to a sterile laboratory). Students work with faculty to receive hands-on involvement in research. They participate in ongoing research and conduct research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Rather than waiting until they are upperclassmen, this program hooks students into the research enterprise from their first day of college.

Additional Information

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