Univeristy of KentuckySee Blue

UK Campus Housing

Moving to Campus

What to Bring

Refrigerator — maximum size 5 cubic feet*

Microwave — not to exceed 700 watts*

Linens — twin, extra-long (80" long by 36" wide)

Cart — if you have a cart or dolly, please bring it with you. Make sure to secure your belongings in a container or box. We will have some carts to loan - You will need a UKID to check one out.

Batteries: 2 AA for cable mini-box remote.

Vacuum: bring a small vacuum for easy clean-ups.

CELL PHONE: local telephone service is not provided.

Central 1 and 2

Each room in Central 1 and 2 is equipped with a micro-fridge (microwave refrigerator combination) so you will not need to bring those items if you are assigned there.

NOTE: Contact your roommate to avoid bringing duplicates of these items! Bring items from home in plastic containers. You can use plastic containers to store items and to transfer them to and from home.

*(Students may lease from: www.bedloft.com)