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Park GL Account Document (FV50) – Fund a Cost Share Cost Center

Users can use FV50 to set up funding for a cost share.

To fund a cost share, users must first look up the cost share fund.

Enter GMGRANTD in the Command field of the SAP Easy Access screen.
Key the grant number (WBS element) and press Enter or click the icon.

The fund is found on the Dimensions tab.

After identifying the cost share fund, enter /n FV50 in the Command field.

Funding Source

The fund on the WBS element must reflect the cost share fund. This must be manually keyed (do not allow derivation). Otherwise, the journal voucher will be incorrect.

The credit entry will be to the Grant/WBS Element with the Cost Share Fund to which the cost share account is linked.

The debit entry will be to the Cost Center from which the user is moving funds.

Tip: Revenues are increased with credit entries and decreased with debit entries.