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Grants Management: Line Item Display (S_PLN_16000269)

Users can view cash receipts or budget transfers associated with a grant by using S_PLN_16000269.

Enter S_PLN_16000269 in the Command field of the SAP Easy Access screen.

Cash Receipts
Select the variant by choosing the icon. Delete your User ID if you have created a variant. Execute .
Find the following variant: SBMORGAN CASH.

After selecting the variant, enter the valid WBS element and execute.

Transaction detail will display as shown:

Budget Transfers

To view a budget transfer associated with a grant using S_PLN_16000269, enter UK00 for the Company Code and enter the grant number (WBS element). Then execute. (No variant is chosen on this view).

Transaction will display as shown. Choose the Select Layout icon.

Select the /GMVALUETYPE layout.

Transaction will display as shown. Value type R1 indicates a budget transaction.