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IRIS Human Resources/Payroll

Check Pay Report

Summary: The Check Pay Report is a quick and easy report that business officers and other users with the ability to review remuneration statements can create. This report will be helpful in ensuring proper and accurate payment of the organizational unit’s employees. Unlike zhr_payresults (which only displays employees who have pay results loaded on IT9401), the Check Pay Report will even display employees who are not receiving a check. This should help to catch situations of employees not getting paid before payroll is finalized.

Note: If a new Basic Pay Infotype (0008) was created during the pay period, the employee will be listed on the report twice

Transaction Code: zhr_checkpay



To execute the Check Pay Report, enter in the payroll period:


Further filter your selection criteria:


Employment Status: 3 = Active Employees

Payroll Area: There is no drop down box available, so key in either B1 (Biweekly Payroll Area) or M1 (Monthly Payroll Area).

Organizational Unit: Input your organizational unit; if you have multiple units to report on select the Multiple Selection Icon and input the values in the Multiple Selection for Organizational Unit Dialog Box.



Download Report: You can also download this report into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on Local File Icon and selecting Spreadsheet.



Click on the green check and save your file to a local folder or your desktop.



And select Generate.

Important reminder about report results: Different reasons can account for the Total Gross being $0.

For example,

  • The individual is an hourly employee whose hours have not yet been entered.
  • IT 0003 may still be locked for new hires.
  • There truly was a payroll error that will require master data correction.