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IRIS HR/Payroll Pay Statement                                                  Print (8 ½ X 14 PDF)

Payroll Specific Data Communication Box Leave Quotas Deductions and Benefits Earnings, Taxes Name and Address information


Pay Statement InformationWith the implementation of IRIS HR/Payroll in April, employees will notice few differences in their pay statements. Here is information on each section of the payment statement. Items in blue denote changes or additions.

1 Name and Address information
Everyone should check for accuracy.

2 Payroll Specific Data
Two rows of information are included here. The first includes Person ID, social security number, Pay Date, Pay Period, begin date, end date, the check number (if you are not yet on direct deposit), and your net pay amount.

Person ID. As a UK employee, you will have a system-generated, unique identifier. This number will always be tied to you and your records.

Pay Period. Pay periods have new numbers, following the calendar year (rather than fiscal year). For example, the April monthly payroll is PR4. Upcoming biweekly pay period numbers include PR7 (for March 19-April1), PR8 (for April 2-April 15), and PR9 (for April 16-April 29).

The bottom row of Section 2 shows your tax information – your filing status, Federal exemptions and additional withholding, and State exemptions and additional withholding.

Your department number will no longer be displayed in this section.

3, 3a, and 3b– Earnings, Taxes, Deductions and Benefits, Leave Quotas
Your new statement includes three sections for Earnings, Taxes, Deductions and Benefits, and Leave Quotas.

3 will display all earnings and taxes.

3a lists all deductions and benefits. The pre-tax deductions, post-tax deductions and benefit amounts will be grouped and totaled.

If you are a UK staff member, you will find your leave quota balances and expiration dates for vacation, temporary disability, and holidays in 3b. This information will not appear on faculty pay statements.

4 Communication Box
This section will continue to be used to communicate important information. Watch for announcements concerning taxes, payroll schedules, open enrollment, and other HR/Payroll matters.