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Materials Management (MM) Information

MM supports Purchasing/Procurement, Accounts Payable, and Procurement Card functionality, as well as Inventory Management. The MM module offers streamlined processes, less paper, and electronic workflow.

In Phase One, MM purchasing/procurement functionality became active in October 2005, as part of the first IRIS Project Go Live. Hospital Inventory Management Go Live followed in April 2006.

Other developments include:

Bar coding/scanning project for Hospital Inventory (completed Fall 2006);

Phase Two Procurement Card enhancements (May 1, 2007);

Conversion of University Stores operation to MM Inventory Management, as part of Plant Maintenance implementation (May 7, 2007).

End-users who have responsibilities in MM should check this page for general information about the SAP software, MM news, important dates, and documentation.

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Year End Processes Requisition & PO Encumbrances

Changes in Roles and Authorizations Changes to end-user profiles, roles, and authorizations need to be addressed with unit business officers who in turn communicate needed changes to the Area Security Officers.  MM users who have questions, or need help with such changes, email for assistance.