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About the University of Kentucky Enterprise Applications Group (EAG)

Charge The Enterprise Applications Group (EAG) is charged with supporting the key administrative computing systems for the University of Kentucky. Our primary focus is the integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software from SAP. This software was initially implemented at the University through the IRIS Project (Integrated Resource Information Systems) from 2004-2008.

Responsibility The EAG is assigned the responsibility of enhancing, maintaining, and supporting the functional operations of the ERP to support and further the goals and objectives of the various operational units across campus. To accomplish this, the EAG team is responsible for the R/3 system (the transactional portion of the software) where data is entered and stored. We work closely with units from IT [i.e., Basis, Infrastructure, Portal, Reporting (BW and Business Objects), and Security] who support our efforts to continuously improve the administrative computing environment for the University.

Key Components Key components of the current system include Campus Management/ Student Life Cycle Management (CM/SLCM), Financials (FI), Grants Management (GM), HR/Payroll (HR), Procurement/Materials Management (MM), and Plant Maintenance (PM). Because the EAG is grounded in developing and supporting the ERP, the members of the EAG are assigned from the major business units of the University and work closely with the business owners who comprise the Administrative Computing Systems Coordination Committee (ACSCC). This committee and the EAG report to the Chief Information Officer.

Core functions of the EAG are to:

  • Monitor and maintain functional operation of the SAP R/3 system;
  • Work with all relevant IT units to promote optimal performance of the system;
  • Work with ITís reporting unit to support their delivery of reporting functionality;
  • Work with business owners to enhance currently installed modules, and implement additional modules that further the goals and objectives of the University;
  • Provide appropriate training for users of the R/3 system;
  • Keep current on relevant standards, technologies, and products;
  • Promote integration and standardization of processes and information; and
  • Promote the highest levels of data integrity.

Goal Our goal is to provide the University with a high quality, integrated administrative system that will support, promote and further the activities of the entire University of Kentucky campus community.