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IRIS Project News Release

IRIS Project Update – Town hall meetings draw UK crowd

Public forum history may have been made at UK when nearly 500 employees and students turned out for the IRIS Project’s first Town Hall meeting. Held on February 15 (Worsham Theater) and February 17 (College of Nursing auditorium), the town hall event offered in-depth information and updates on Human Resources/ Payroll, Campus Management, Financials and Materials Management. In keeping with traditional town meeting style, participants had ample time for questions and answers.

The audience learned about coming changes in business processes and the challenges of the implementation of the new software. IRIS presenters spoke of the benefits to be realized and the risks involved. Employees and students heard good news about less paper, more electronic processing, and future self-service functions. They also got a lesson on the technical infrastructure of the new system.

The Town Hall meeting included information on training for IRIS, which will occur “just-in time,” or about eight weeks prior to each Go Live date. Those in attendance received ideas about what they could do now to prepare for future training experiences.

UK employees were able to submit questions in advance of the Town Hall Meeting event. Here is a sampling:

Q. What does SAP stand for?

A. It originally stood for the German wording "Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung" or Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. When SAP came to America, it changed to Systems, Applications and Products.

Q. Will it be possible for UK to create a different ID number for faculty, staff, and students to use at the various places on campus, so that our social security numbers will not have to be used or printed?

A. SAP will create a system-assigned ID number. The University of Kentucky recognizes the need to protect social security numbers and will use the new system-assigned IDs as the method to identify students, the faculty, and staff members.

Q. Will SAP track TDL and vacation accruals and balances?

A. Yes, SAP will be used to track vacation and TDL for staff employees.

Q. What security measures will be in place?

A. Work on developing security for the system will start May 1. Access will be restricted when the data are such that issues of privacy or legality are concerns and where necessary to ensure that individuals can update only appropriate records. Otherwise, access may not be limited, at least on an inquiry basis.

The IRIS Town Hall meeting presentation, including the Q&As, is available for review on the Presentations page.