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IRIS Training Cancellation Policy

Effective March 1, 2006

Upon the recommendation of the IRIS Coordinating and Steering Committees, EAG IRIS has instituted a Training Cancellation Policy. The purpose of this policy is to encourage employees to participate in training as scheduled and assure access to the courses required for system use.

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Employees who register for IRIS training, and subsequently find they cannot attend a class, must cancel registration three business days prior to the scheduled class offering. Official cancellation is easily accomplished, using the online Training Register.

When an employee fails to cancel registration as required, the employee’s unit will be assessed a fee for the missed class.  The fee will be based on a rate of $25 per four (4) hours of instruction. Sample fees:

  • UK 100                                                  $25
  • HR 200                                                  $25
  • HR_OM_320                                          $50
  • HR_PA_300                                           $50
  • HR_PA_310                                         $100
  • HR_TM_300                                         $100

A department may send a valid substitute (another employee with the same class in his/her training plan who has not previously attended the class) and avoid any charge. Such substitutes must inform trainers during class that they are replacements for individuals who registered for the class and then could not attend. 

Departments can avoid charges for missed classes when 1) employees cancel registration three business days in advance of the offering or 2) valid substitutes attend the class and inform the trainer.  Otherwise, fees for missed classes will be assessed uniformly, with no exceptions made.

The EAG IRIS will bill UK units via Journal Vouchers for missed classes. Individual employees will not be billed.

This policy applies to IRIS Training only and includes all courses offered.