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Personal Computing Responsibilities

The University of Kentucky offers networking and Internet services for desktop computing to students, faculty, staff and many other computer users. When connecting to the UK Network with a personal computer, users are responsible for following policies and standards that govern use of the network. Abiding by the policies and standards will help prevent network outages and security breaches for all UK Network users.

The following are the policies and standards you should follow.

Review the UK Computing Policy

Users of the UK Network should read and understand the Policy for Governing Access to and use of University of Kentucky Computing Resources (

Meet UK Information Technology Standards

Computers that connect to the UK Network should meet UK Information Technology Standards ( The following are recommendations for new supported hardware:

Your computer should also meet IT Communications and Networking Systems Standards (

Use the Supported Versions of Operating Systems

It is recommended to use the supported versions of operating system software. These versions receive security patches and updates by their companies, which is crucial for maintaining the security of the University network. The following is a list of operating systems that are currently supported:

Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 95, 98, ME and NT. Apple has discontinued support for Mac OS 8 and 9. Computers that use these discontinued operating systems should be upgraded to a supported operating system version before connecting to the UK Network.

Secure Your Computer

Computers connected to the UK Network should be secured against viruses and other attacks. UK's Patch Management Policy ( requires that all networked computers use operating systems with all appropriate security updates and use virus protection software.

You are responsible for ensuring that your computer is as secure as possible. Compromised or insecure computers may be blocked from using the UK Network. Please see the Keeping Your Personal Computer Secure document ( for step-by-step instructions. If your computer has been blocked, please see the Getting Unblocked from the UK Network document ( For more information about computing security, please see the UK Security web site (

Use Supported Software

The UK Download server ( stores free or licensed software for use by the UK community. This supported software includes email and Internet applications, computer utilities, and anti-virus software. Computers that connect to the UK Network should use the anti-virus software, and other supported software when applicable.

Under an agreement with Microsoft, UK faculty and staff may download and install Microsoft Windows and Office products from the UK Download server. This Microsoft software agreement does not apply to students. For more information, please see the UK Microsoft Campus Agreement information web site (

Students, faculty and staff may also purchase their systems and software through the eBuy website ( The systems and software offered through the eBuy website are discounted for educational use. Students, Faculty, and Staff may acquire discounted Microsoft software, through the Microsoft Select license agreement, by logging into the download server ( and clicking on the link for e-academy.

UK Network Help

If you experience difficulty accessing resources on the UK Network, contact the appropriate agent listed below:

UK Networking Help
Networking Access Who to Contact for Help
Direct Connection (Ethernet) Contact your System Administrator or local Desktop Support.

In absence of System Administrator or local Desktop Support, contact the IT Customer Service Center by phone (859 257-1300) or email ( Medical Center users should contact the MCIS Helpdesk by phone (859 323-8586).
Modem Pool Contact the IT Customer Service Center by phone (859 257-1300) or email (
ResNet ( Contact ResNet by phone (859 257-1591).
Wireless ( Contact the IT Customer Service Center by phone (859 257-1300) or email (


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