Internationalization Task Force

Internationalization Task Force
Contact Information

Main task force contact:

Andrea O'Leary
Administrative Associate for Associate Provost John Yopp
International Affairs

University of Kentucky
187 Ralph G. Anderson Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0503
P: 859-257-4071
F: 859-323-6173

College Representatives
(nominee of the respective deans)

Agriculture – Mike Reed, Director, International Programs in Agriculture

Arts & Sciences – Ellen Furlough (History)

Business & Economics – Suzanne Waldrop

Communications – Beth Barnes (Journalism) – Co-Chair

Dentistry – Juan Fernando Yepes

Design – Ann Dickson, Director, School of Interior Design

Education – Sharon Brennan

Engineering – G.T. Lineberry, Associate Dean

Fine Arts – Nancy Jones (Art)

Health Sciences – Sharon Stewart, Associate Dean

Law – Michael Healy, Associate Dean

Medicine – Sam Matheny (Family Practice)

Nursing – Dorothy Brockopp, Associate Dean

Pharmacy – Melody Ryan (Pharmacy Practice & Sciences)

Social Work – Marie-Antoinette Sossou

Graduate School – Carey Cavanaugh, Director, Patterson School

Libraries – Eeva Hoch

Faculty, student and administrators
appointed to the Task Force:

Beth Goldstein – Co-Director, Asia Center

Ted Fiedler – Modern & Classical Languages

Sue Roberts – Geography

Susan Carvalho – Hispanic Studies

Kwaku Addo – Associate Dean, Graduate School & Agriculture

John Yopp – Associate Provost for Educational Partnerships & International Affairs

David Bettez – Director, International Affairs and Chair of the Internationalization Task Force ex-officio Administrative Council

Student Representative:

Nirmal Ravi, M.D./Ph.D. – Student and biomedical engineering graduate

Ex-offocio Administrative Council serving as staff experts to the Task Force members:

David Bettez – Chair

Karen Slaymaker – OIA Assistant Director, Director of International Student Services

Charlene Leach – OIA Assistant Director, Director of International Immigration Services

Janet Roccanova – OIA Assistant Director,
Director of Education Abroad & Exchange Programs

Kay Roberts – OIA Community Liaison/Executive Director,
Kentucky-Ecuador Partners of the Americas

Liga Abolins – Director, Center for English as a Second Language

Mahjabeen Rafiuddin – Director, Student Diversity Engagement,
Office for Multicultural & Academic Affairs