This section is designed to provide educators and students with handouts, demonstrations, and suggestions for classroom activities, which foster an interest in the earth sciences. As material is made available, we will add it to this section. If you have suggestions, or would like to volunteer material that you think is useful in the classroom, call Steve Greb (859)-323-0542 or send a message by e-mail to for more information. We welcome your original contributions.

It's About Time

Exercises and activities to demonstrate geological time using paper, clocks, calendars, fields, etc. Also, notes and images of important dates in geologic time.

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Geologic and Paleontologic Cookbook

Recipes that use food to demonstrate earth science concepts during class or at the dinner table.

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The lowest point at the surface in Kentucky is in the Reed Quarry in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. The elevation at the very bottom of the pit is 100 feet below sea level.

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