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The data described in this document are also available as an ArcView shape file (see KYOG83.ZIP). The oil and gas well shape file is one component of a series of base map shape files available for downloading from the Kentucky Geological Survey Geospatial Data Library that include location grids, rivers and streams, roads, populated places, surface geology, faults and others. These maps and coverages are provided in geographic coordinates (decimal latitude and longitude), NAD83. If you have ArcView, ArcExplorer (available free), the newer releases of AutoCAD with GIS extensions or other software that uses shape files, you should download KYOG83.ZIP.


Data in this distribution are copyrighted (1999) by the University of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey. The user of the data is granted the right to use these data to produce maps, charts, and reports. Further, the user may distribute the information in this data set under the following conditions:

1) The complete data set, including this "read me" file, must be distributed together.
2) No fee may be charged for the data.


Data in this file are presented as is with no warranty either expressed or implied as to the completeness or accuracy of the location or well status. Data on file at the Kentucky Geological Survey is submitted by well operators under requirements established by KRS353. Production data by well is not publicly available. The producing or abandoned status of any well is dependent on the completion type reported by the operator on the well log and completion report, on the availability of a plugging affidavit, and on other information or maps on file in the Geologic Data Center of the Kentucky Geological Survey. Multiple entries into a single well bore may alter the status of a given well. In addition, well location data supplied by different operators at various times may result in disparate, multiple symbols for the same well location.


The database provided with this distribution is limited in its scope. These data were used to compile Map and Chart Series 9, Distribution of Oil and Gas Wells in Kentucky and are designed to accompany various base map resources available through the Kentucky Geological Survey world wide web site at:

Additional details for each well are available in electronic form. The files WELLDATA.TXT and TOPS.TXT included in this distribution describe the content and format of the standard electronic data files. Further, subsets of the data may be specified. Well data may be selected based on counties, Carter coordinates, topographic quadrangle names, latitude and longitude bounded areas, depth of penetration, available records, and others. For example, a database of the wells in Leslie and Perry Counties that penetrate the Devonian Shale or deeper zones with litho-density logs may be created. Data can be written to diskette or sent by electronic mail. For larger databases, the information can be written to CD-ROM or posted to an anonymous ftp site for downloading.

The cost for digital well record data that includes latitude and longitude and stratigraphic tops (on request) is $20 plus a per well charge of $0.15. Kentucky sales tax, postage, and handling will be charged as appropriate. MasterCard and VISA are accepted.


The data have been compressed and the distribution consists of two files:

1) AAREADME.1ST-- this file (approximately 5K)
2) KYOGWELL.EXE -- a compressed, self-extracting archive file of well data (approximately 1.2Mb)

When decompressed, three additional files are created:

3) KYOGWELL.TXT -- Kentucky well database (approximately 3.8Mb).
4) WELLDATA.TXT -- Documentation for standard digital well record data distribution (approximately 52K).
5) TOPS.TXT -- Documentation for standard digital well stratigraphic ("tops") data distribution  (approximately 8K).


The data are supplied in a comma delimited ASCII text file formatted to be compatible with personal computers running Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, or Windows NT. The data must be decompressed on a Windows based system. Contact Brandon Nuttall at the Kentucky Geological Survey for assistance if you need to decompress the data on an MS-DOS based system. Once decompressed, the data should be usable on Macintosh systems, but equipment and software are not available to verify this.


This database is supplied as is with no software for display or manipulation of the data. To use the data, it must be imported into a database or GIS software package. Most software of these types have the ability to import comma and quote delimited ASCII text files (sometimes called CSV format). The Kentucky Geological Survey does not recommend or endorse any software.


This distribution contains identification, location, and completion data for 109,214 wells in the Kentucky Oil and Gas Well Records database. The data is supplied as a comma delimited data file. The value fields for each record are delimited by commas. Text items are qualified by double quotes. To assist with data import, the first record of the data file contains data field names. Each record in the data base represents one well and contains four data fields:

1) RECORD_NUMBER - A unique well identification number supplied as a long integer data type.
2) LATITUDE - North latitude in decimal degrees calculated for NAD 1927 datum.
3) LONGITUDE - West longitude (negative) in decimal degrees calculated for NAD 1927 datum.
4) RESULT - The status of the well. See table for key to RESULT field values.

To access the data file, copy the executable file (*.EXE) to your hard drive. On Windows-based systems, find it and double-click on the file name with the File Manager or Explorer. The KYOGWELL.TXT file and others as described will be extracted.

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