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James C. Cobb

Title: State Geologist and Director

Kentucky Geological Survey
504 Rose Street
228 Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg.
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0107

Phone: 859-323-0559
Fax: 859.257.1147

Joined KGS in 1980.



As State Geologist and Director of the Survey, I make decisions concerning the Survey's mission, objectives, research direction, and new initiatives, and also serve as an advisor to State and Federal government on a variety of geology, land, mineral and water issues. I manage a budget of $6.5 million from State and outside agencies for a broad program in the geological sciences, including energy, ground water, minerals, geospatial analysis, and geologic hazards. The Survey has a staff of 80 persons in scientific, engineering, technical, and support positions.

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