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Mission Statement

"Earth Resources--Our Common Wealth"

Our mission is to increase knowledge and understanding of the mineral, energy, and water resources, geologic hazards, and geology of Kentucky for the benefit of the Commonwealth and Nation.

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The mission of the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) is to provide for citizens, researchers, industry, and government, scientifically based information on Kentucky's geology and mineral and water resources. KGS conducts research, collects data, and serves as the State's official archive for data on petroleum, coal, minerals, ground water, and topographic and geologic maps. A diverse research program is supported principally by grants from federal and state agencies and industry. Research investigations include the study of water resources, geologic mapping, oil and natural gas resources, coal and minerals, and geologic hazards.

Geoscientists at KGS provide technical advice to more than 100 committees, boards, and advisory groups at the international, federal, state, regional, and local level, and at the University of Kentucky. KGS is a national leader in digital geologic mapping and an authorized ESRI ArcView GIS instruction center. Analytical support services of the laboratory are provided primarily to researchers at KGS, but also to researchers in academia, government, industry, and the private sector who study the environment and natural resources of Kentucky.

Kentucky Geological Survey Advisory Board