Mission Statement

"Earth Resources-Our Common Wealth"


First established in 1838, the Kentucky Geological Survey has investigated mineral, energy and water resources, and geologic hazards of Kentucky for 170 years. As the official geologic research organization for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, our mission is focused on research in earth resources and processes, public service, and the dissemination of our data, knowledge, and experience to stakeholders in industry, government, educational institutions, and the general public.

Our mission is to increase knowledge and understanding of the mineral, energy, and water resources, geologic hazards, and geology of Kentucky for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the nation.


We aspire to enhance the stature of the University of Kentucky by gaining recognition for the Kentucky Geological Survey as one of the leading state geological surveys in the nation: an institution recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in research and public service in minerals, fossil fuels, water resources, geologic hazards, geologic mapping, and the environment. KGS is positioned to contribute significantly to UK’s strategic goals by excelling in research and community engagement.

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