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1922 oil and gas map available at the KGS Web site

Between World Wars I and II, geologist and mining engineer W.C. Eyl extensively scouted Kentucky's oil patch. In 1922, he compiled much of the data he collected into a 1:250,000-scale Special Oil & Gas Edition Map of Kentucky. This hand-drafted map "is intended to be the best practical compilation of all existing available maps," according to the text in the publication. "Approximately four hundred separate maps are combined in this work. "

The map includes oil fields, pipelines, refineries, gas plants, carbon black plants, pumping stations, faults and--importantly--creek names. On this topic, Mr. Eyl agreed with W.R. Jillson who is anecdotally quoted as having said "the Carter coordinate system is for empty-headed young geologists who have neither the time nor inclination to learn the creek names of Kentucky."

Fortunately, Mr. Eyl also meticulously documented his well locations not with just the creek name but often with a small inset map.

Scanned images of the four sheets of this map are now available as PDFs online.

The pocket and figure information can be found here, or by searching for "Eyl" in the KGS list of publications.



This typical section of the map shows the locations of two refineries, the Bluegrass Refining and Production Company and the Great Southern Refinery, located on what is now Old Frankfort Pike, northwest of downtown Lexington, near the current sites of the Marathon products terminal and the landfill.

The publication is also famous as the source of generalized geologic columns for selected counties that appeared on many other publications of the period. See an example below.