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KGS Section Head Recognized at Kentucky Water Resources Symposium

The head of the Water Resources Section at the Kentucky Geological Survey was recognized for his water research activities during the recent Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium in Lexington. Jim Dinger, who has led the section for three decades, received the Bill Barfield Award for Water Research, named for a former director of the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute.

During his career at KGS, Dinger has been involved in a wide variety of water-related research activities, including projects in coal field hydrology, karst hydrology, agricultural water issues, and the identification of community water supplies. Recently, he and his section staff have been involved in investigations of water flow around the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and water sampling related to geologic carbon dioxide injection research.

The Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute is one of 54 institutes in the country established by the Water Research Act of 1964 to assist in assuring a sufficient supply of water to meet the needs of an expanding population. KWRRI is active in continuing education, college scholarships, courses, conferences, and research reports. The institute was recently designated a Center of Excellence for Watershed Management by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. (See


KWRRI Director Lindell E. Ormsbee presents Jim Dinger with the Bill Barfield Award
for Water Research at the Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium on March 21, 2011.
Photo courtesy KWRRI.