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UK, KGS, and international geologic hazards researchers gather for a portrait

Cooperating geologic hazards researchers from KGS, the UK Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the People's Republic of China gathered recently at KGS for lunch and a portrait. The researchers from China are participating in an ongoing exchange between the Lanzhou Institute of Seismology and China Earthquake Administration.

Pictured above are: 
FRONT ROW: Jiwei Feng, master's degree candidate from the Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration (CEA), in Harbin, China. Matt Crawford, KGS Geologic Hazards Section. Carrington Wright, Clarksville, Tennessee master's degree candidate, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES). Jim Cobb, State Geologist and KGS Director. Jingyan Lan, visiting scholar from the Institute of Crustal Dynamics, CEA, in Beijing. Caibo Hu, post-doctoral scholar from Peking University, Beijing, China. Qian Li, visiting scholar from the Lanzhou Institute of Seismology.

BACK ROW: Seth Carpenter, KGS Geologic Hazards Section.  Ed Woolery, KGS Geologic Hazards Section / DEES. Ali Al-Mayahi, Basra, Iraq PhD candidate, DEES. Zhenming Wang, KGS Geologic Hazards Section Head. Lifang Zhang, visiting scholar from the Institute of Crustal Dynamics, CEA, in Beijing.