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Improvements made in the Geologic Map Information Service

February 8, 2013 -- The KGS online Geologic Map Information Service is regularly updated and improved. A temporary dialogue box shows up now when you first go to the service, with information on fixes, improvements, and other changes. Note that there is also a permanent "What's New?" link near the top of the page; it will link to the same updates that are in the temporary dialogue box.

The map service also now includes an option for viewing landslide information. This data becomes visible by clicking on the “landslide information map” selection on the left side of the page.  Red circles indicate locations in the KGS landslide inventory developed by Matt Crawford. By clicking on one of these circles, information on the selected landslide will display. A help page on the landslide maps is here:

In addition, arrowed lines depicting landslide susceptibility also show up in some of the maps for southeastern and south-central Kentucky. This data comes from a series of published landslide potential maps for that region. This data is still being digitized and added to the maps, and over time, more of this information will be depicted on the map service.

Feedback from users is encouraged. A feedback form is available here: