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New link to Kentucky professional geologists' agency site now at the KGS Web site

Do you want to know more about the geologic profession in Kentucky and the state agency that regulates the profession? Visitors to the KGS Web site can now find a new link from the site to the Board of Registration for Professional Geologists. Clicking on the Board's logo at the bottom of the KGS home page will open the Board's Web page. The page includes links to information about the Board, laws and regulations relating to the geologic profession, and other related Web pages.

In addition, an updated version of the Consumer Guide to Geological Services in Kentucky, a brochure produced by the Board, can now be found at this link: This brochure also provides information about professional geologists, finding a registered geologist for a particular service need, filing complaints, and finding geological information about Kentucky.

To go to the Board of Registration site, go to or just click on its logo below.