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New Kentucky Office of Energy Policy

Kentucky Comprehensive Energy Strategy

Coal Information
General information about coal formation properties, mining, resources, and more.

Coal Data
Information concerning how to obtain different types of KGS coal data.

Coal Research
Summaries of KGS coal research projects, including technical information.

Coal scientists in the KGS Energy and Minerals Section and e-mail addresses.

KGS Coal Database Search
Link to KGS online coal database and search for borehole, thickness, quality, and production information.

KGS Coal Publication Search
Link to KGS online publications search.

KGS Coal Atlas
Links to the Map and Chart Series publications and information about the digital coal atlas.

Links to other units in the Energy and Minerals Section:

Oil and Gas
Industrial Minerals

KGS coal research and information is available at the KGS, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., and at the Western Kentucky Office, in Henderson, Ky. Please call, e-mail, or visit either office if you are looking for information that you cannot find on this Web site.