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Awards of Energy Geology Division

Gilbert H. Cady Award

The Cady Award is presented to individuals who have made ou tstanding cont riubutions to the field of coal geology. Coal geology refers to the field of knowledge concerning the origin, occurrence, relationships and geologic characteristics of the many varieties of coal and associate rocks, including economic implications .

This award is generally made annually, but may be withheld in any year where there are no recommendations made. Funds for the award are derived from interest from the Gilbert H. Cady Memorial Fund which is administered by the GSA Foundation, which accepts personal and corporate donations. For a listing of past Cady award winners click here. Nominations are solicited throughout the year, but normally are submitted in the spring (deadline February 28) to ensure the selection process is completed in time for presentation of the award at the fall GSA Annual Meeting, and the Energy Geology Division Business Meeting.

Nominations will be evaluated by the Gilbert H. Cady Award Panel and should include the name, office or title, and affiliation of the nominee; date and place of birth; education, degree(s) and honors and awards; major events in his or her professional career; accomplishments that warrant nomination. Send three copies of the nomination by February 28 to the Cady Award chair, which is the Past (Division) Chair.

Antoinette Lierman Medlin Scholarship

The Energy Geology Division Antoinette Lierman Medlin Scholarship provides monetary support and recognition to deserving students in coal science. Money from the scholarship is used towards successful completion of student's research projects. Each year, one award is presented for the completion of laboratory/analytical research ($2000) and a second award is presented for the completion of fieldwork ($1500). The fund, which is administered by the GSA Foundation, accepts contributions from personal and corporate sponsors. For a listing of past A.L. Medlin Scholarship winners click here.

Full-time graduate students are strongly encouraged to submit applications for these scholarships. Applications should consist of a five-page double-spaced summary of their research, and how the stipend would enhance that research. A one-page letter from the student's immediate supervisor supporting the need for funding is also required. The deadline submission is March. 15th. The awardee will be notified in early April. Applications should be sent to the Medlin Scholarship Chair, which is the First Vice Chair of the division

Distinguished Service Award

When appropriate, the Energy Geology Division recognizes the volunteered contributions of its members, who have served to promote the Division and its various functions. For a listing of past Distinguished Service Award winners click here.

Members are encouraged to submit names for this award, anytime through the year, in time to be ratified by the Officers and for the award to be presented at the fall GSA Annual Meeting, Energy Geology Division Business Meeting. Submissions may be made to any member of the Energy Geology Division Executive.

Best Paper Award

At the yearly annual meeting, the Energy Geology Division recognizes presentations which are of exceptional scientific quality and are visually appeal ing. At least one paper is chosen from all the symposium, theme session, general session and poster session presentations sponsored by the Energy Geology Division. For a listing of past winners click here.


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