Energy Geology Division
Energy Geology Division, Geological Society of America

Distinguished Service Awards

2007 Stephen Greb
2002 Thomas Demchuk
1997 James C. Hower, CAER, University of Kentucky
1997 Edward C. Beaumont, New Mexico
1996 Arthur D. Cohen, University of South Carolina
1994 Cortland F. Eble, Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky
1993 Alex R. Cameron, Geological Survey of Canada
1993 James C. Cobb, Kentucky Geological Survey
1993 Edward R. Landis, United States Geological Survey
1992 Aureal T. Cross, Michigan State University
1992 Frank Kottlowski, New Mexico Bureau of Mines
1992 Samuel Friedman, Oklahoma Geological Survey
1989 Robert Finkleman, United States Geological Survey


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