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James C. Hower

James C. Hower
2006 Cady Award Winner

The recipient of the 2006 Geological Society of America’s Energy Geology Division Gilbert H. Cady Award is Dr. James C. Hower in recognition of his significant and lasting contributions to the field of coal geology through research, service, and teaching.  With expertise in coal petrography and his current position as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Coal Geology, Jim is regarded as one of coal geology’s most forceful advocates.

Jim Hower has worked in almost every aspect of coal geology, including inorganic petrology, coal quality, coal combustion by-products, and environmental aspects of coal utilization. His work in applied coal and coal combustion by-product petrology is the benchmark in the U.S. coal research community. He is recognized as the expert in Kentucky coal quality variation and has broad field experience.

Jim and his co-workers have published extensively on just about every aspect of coal geology. Jim’s bibliography lists 180 peer-reviewed technical articles out of a total of over 600 publications.

Jim Hower is a dedicated teacher. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Kentucky and serves on M.S. and PhD theses committees in geology departments at universities in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. He also served as a mentor in the Center for Applied Energy Research's state-wide high school summer internship program.

Jim serves the coal geology community with distinction. He is the tireless Editor-in Chief of the International Journal of Coal Geology, and has successfully broadened the scope of the journal. He is a member of the Advisory Scientific Board of Geologica Acta and served as an Associate Editor of Organic Geochemistry.

Jim Hower’s community service and research have been recognized by many organizations. He was Chair, Energy Geology Division (1995-1996), and received the Division’s 1997 Distinguished Service Award. He was awarded the Reinhardt Thiessen Medal (ICCP), the Gordon H. Wood, Jr. Memorial Award (AAPG), and the Outstanding Kentucky Geologist Award (AMPG).

It is time for us to honor Dr. James C. Hower’s numerous, significant, and ongoing contributions to the field of coal geology with our highest honor, the Gilbert H. Cady Award.




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