Energy Geology Division
Energy Geology Division, Geological Society of America

GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2010

We invite you to submit an abstract to either of two sessions sponsored by the GSA Energy Geology Division at the annual meeting to be held October 31 through November 3 in Denver, Colorado:  

(1) Topical Session T26, “Advances in Clean Coal Technology, Carbon Sequestration, and Enhanced Resource Recovery.”  This session is designed to provide an overview of the research being performed by the geological community on clean coal technology. Topics to be covered include carbon sequestration and CO2-enhanced resource recovery technology in saline formations, depleted petroleum reservoirs, and coal, which are critical components of clean coal technology that are diversifying the global energy portfolio while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  
Jack C. Pashin, Stephen F. Greb

(2) Topical Session T27, “Frontiers in Coal Science: Basic Research to Applied Technology.”  This session highlights recent advances in coal science. Topics include environmental effects of coal utilization, characterization of coal combustion products, coal gasification/liquefaction, coal bed methane, economics of coal use, carbon sequestration, coal petrology, and sedimentology.  
Sharon M. Swanson, Ronald H. Affolter











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