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Coal Geology Division, Geological Society of America

North-Central Section meeting, Evansville, IN, April 24-25, 2008

North-Central Section, Evansville, IN, April 24-25, 2008

Technical Session

12. Coal for the 21st Century: New Science for New Applications.
Maria Mastalerz, Indiana Geological Survey; John A. Rupp, Indiana Geological Survey.

We propose this session to be variable in scope and include various aspects of coal geology, coal science, and their applications. We would like to assemble papers on coal resources and reserves, coal quality, and coal geochemistry as they relate to continuing coal utilization. Other topics to be included are coalbed methane potential and CO2 storage in coal beds.

Post-meeting Field Trip

9. Aspects of Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy, Sedimentation, and Conodonts, Southwestern Indiana.
Cosponsored by the Pander Society.
Sat., April 26.
Carl B. Rexroad, Indiana Geological Survey; Penny Meighen, Marshall Miller & Assoc.; John Nelson, Illinois State Geological Survey.

In order to gain an understanding of the stratigraphic setting, sedimentation, and conodonts of the somewhat repetitive Pennsylvanian rock sequences in southwestern Indiana, this trip will visit two coal mines exposing thick sections that show several stratigraphic units. We will also visit outcrops representing greater spans of the Pennsylvanian, providing an opportunity to collect from eight or nine stratigraphic units.

Cost: US$38; includes transportation, lunch, and handout. Min.: 9; max.: 27. Hard hats (available on loan) and steel-toe boots will be required to enter mines.



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