Energy Geology Division
Energy Geology Division, Geological Society of America

A.L. Medlin Scholarship Winners

2017 Research – Kuo Li (Southern Illinois University).
2017 Field work - Matt Costa (University of Texas at El Paso)
2016 Research – Qiang Wei (China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing)  
2016 Field work - none
2015 Research –Severin Presswood (Southern Illinois University)
2015 Field work – Marisa Earll (University of Arizona)
2014 Research - Fotios Fouskas (University of Texas - El Paso)
2014 Field work - Emily Schultz (Texas A&M University) and Jayeeta Chakraborty, (University of Texas – Dallas)
2013 Research – Dan Ritter (University of Arizona) and Michelle N. Johnston (University of Kentucky)
2013 Field work – Trende (Trent) M. Garrison, University of Kentucky 2012 Research – Mohammad Rahman, Southern Illinois University
2013 Field work – Jenna Shelton, Southern Illinois University
2012 Research –
2012 Field work –
2011 Research –
2011 Field work –
2010 Research –Mike Kennedy, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
2010 Field work –
2009 Research – Margaret McPherson, University of Kentucky
2009 Research (supplementary scholarship) – Mohammad Rahman, Southern Illinois University
2009 Field work – Lois Yoksoulian, University of Kentucky
2008 Research – Brittney Bates, University of Arizona
2008 Field work – Lois E. Yoksoulian, University of Kentucky
2007 Research – J. Denis Pone, The Pennsylvania State University
2007 Research (supplementary scholarship) – Ryan Grimm, Virginia Tech University
2007 Field work – Lindsey Henry, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2006 Research - Jennifer M. K. O’Keefe, University of Kentucky
2006 Research (supplementary scholarship) - Sarah Mardon, University of Kentucky
2006 Field - Philip Morath, The Pennsylvania State University
2005 Paul E. Kaelin
2004 Research - Jennifer Cooper, University of Missouri, Columbia
2004 Field - David Benson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
2003 Research - Jason Kneedy
2003 Fieldwork - Ivana Stevanovic-Walls
2002 Research - Eric G. Ober, University of Tennessee
2002 Field - David S. Jacks, University of California
2001 Research - Mr. Jonson Miller, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
2001 Research - Mr. Michael C. Rygel, Dalhousie University
2000 Field - Todd Dallegge, University of Alaska Fairbanks
2000 Research - Marcio Kern, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
1999 Field - Tom Rozak, University of British Columbia
1999 Research - Michelle Hawke, University of British Columbia
1998 No Scholarships Presented
1997 Research - Raphael Wuest, University of British Columbia
1997 Field - Sarah Vessey, University of British Columbia
1996 Research
1996 Field
1995 Research - Penny Alano, The University of Kentucky
1995 Field - Michael Frank, Regina College
1993 Ken Saunders, Dalhousie University
1992 Linbu Kong, University of North Dakota
1991 Tang Yalan, University of Kentucky
1990 Thomas Demchuk, The University of Calgary
1989 Eric Daniels, University of Illinois
    1989 was the first year of the Medlin Scholarship. Previous to this, the Coal Geology (now Energy) Division administered separate graduate student scholarships and the Rocky Mountain Coal Scholarship
1988 Cortland Eble, West Virginia University
1987 Rui Lin, Pennsylvania State University




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