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Energy Geology Division, Geological Society of America

Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

Proposed GSA 2015 Energy Geology Division field trip: Underground coal fires of Centralia, PA. The Energy Geology Division was incredibly lucky to enlist the help of Dr. Jennifer Elick, a renowned expert on coal fires, in leading the field trip at the annual GSA meeting in Baltimore. It has been suggested as a one (long) day, pre-meeting trip departing from Baltimore. The Centralia coal fire has been studied by geologists and environmental scientists for over 50 years. It is a geologically unique locality: the surface has been impacted by extreme temperatures related to the fire and as it cools, it is experiencing a successional change with regards to vegetation and landscape alteration. The fire still burns and continues to modify landscape, but its influence and impacts are changing. Centralia offers a multitude of interesting field-scale problems for geochemists, geohydrologists, environmental geologists, low-T metamorphic geologists and petrologists, isotope geochemists, mining geologists, and teachers. We think this trip would appeal to numerous disciplines and encourage your participation.












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