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Public Access to Coal Information and Coal-Data Management

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Kentucky Coal Resources Information System (KCRIS)

The Kentucky Coal Resources Information System (KCRIS) was established to provide coal-related data to the public. KCRIS contains computerized coal borehole, thickness (site measurements), resource, production, coal-quality, core-description, and coal-related engineering data. These data have been compiled by the Survey for the last two decades, and the databases are continually updated with new information. As other databases become more complete, they will be added to the KCRIS data structure.


Coal Borehole Database

Coal Thickness Database

Coal Quality Data

Digital Coal Atlas

Coal Production Data

Coal Resource Estimates

The coal borehole, quality, thickness, and production databases are available on the web. Search and download information from these databases.

A printable version of a coal-information brochure is available here (PDF plugin required).

Although KGS staff has made every effort to ensure that the data reflect information on file, the Kentucky Geological Survey makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy or validity of these data. The user assumes all liability for any losses or damages that may be incurred through any use or application of these data. Users are requested to notify KGS upon discovery of any errors in the data supplied.