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Kentucky Coal Data for the National Coal Resources Data System

Funding Agency: U.S. Geological Survey
Duration: 2002-2004
The National Coal Resources Data System (NCRDS) is a national coal database administered by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). NCRDS provides a means by which coal thickness, coal elevations, coal-quality data and rock data can be entered into relational databases of the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) and the USGS for use by the public, industry,and State and Federal governments. These data are critical for regional evaluations of coal resources and reserves such as those undertaken by the USGS as part of the National Coal Assessment. NCRDS data have proven invaluable in identifying coal-quality trends on a basinwide, and in a few cases county scale. Borehole data that have been donated by coal companies to the KGS is encoded through the NCRDS program. Coal thickness, stratigraphic position, and rock data are compiled for the NCRDS program and are available through the NCRDS database, as well as KGS databases.

Coals in borehole records are tagged for their stratigraphic position, and data is encoded for NCRDS and KGS databases for multiple uses.

Coal data (borehole records, coal thickness data, coal production data) are available on searchable databases accessible on the KGS Web site.