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Coal-Thickness Data

The Kentucky Geological Survey has approximately 25,000 coal-thickness data points for eastern and western Kentucky. The data in eastern Kentucky were primarily collected from roadcuts, natural outcrops, and mine highwalls and consist of single-point measurements of coal. Some data in eastern Kentucky have been summarized from borehole records. The data in western Kentucky were primarily summarized from borehole records. Therefore, duplicate information exists for western Kentucky data in the thickness database and the borehole database.

The coal thickness database is searchable on the KGS Web site. Thickness information is downloadable and includes records of the county, quadrangle, coal bed name, total coal thickness (coal only, inches), total parting thickness (if measured, inches), elevation (feet, relative to sea level), coal modifier (if available), exposure type, and location in coordinates (in UTM, State Plane, and latitude/longitude). Coal elevations reference the base of the seam and most were determined by altimeter. Coal bed names were assigned by field personnel during mapping, however, the user should use independent means to verify these results.

Some records contain modifiers that may be important to the user. These are:

Coal Modifier     Explanation
average Average measurement from several closely-spaced points
estimated Visually-estimated thickness
minimum Incomplete bed measurement (minimum thickness)
mine map Measurements were derived from a mine map
          Some records contain "exposure type" data. These are broken down into categories of surface and subsurface.
Surface* Subsurface**
auger core hole
bloom (weathered coal) core sample
high wall drill hole
mine entrance gamma log
measured section underground mine
road cut  
surface mine  
*If the exposure type is left blank, it can be assumed that it was obtained from surface measurements.
**Special consideration must be made for subsurface thickness information. The listed elevation will not correspond to surface elevation at the same location.

For data requests or more information about these data, contact KGS Publication Information Center or Bethany Overfield at KGS at 859.257.5500. An additional source of coal-thickness information is the KGS coal borehole database.